Wish List

Cape Cod Center for Women relies heavily on donations from the community. Our Safe House needs the following items for the health, comfort and safety of our residents, and to help our office staff.

Almost anything you use in your daily life is something we need, too.

Did you know?
If 3,000 people donated $43 each, it would pay off
the mortgage to our safe house.

THANK YOU Beacon Sales of West Barnstable for the donation of roofing shingles. And THANK YOU Fraser Construction for installing our new roof.

We have updated our list and were able to take off some items thanks to the generous support of the community.

We still need:

Food cards are an ongoing need
Walmart gift cards
Teething rings, crayon/marker sets
Children's Tylenol
Slippers for ages 7 & up
Pajamas for ages 7 & up
Tar & seal driveway
DVD player (& DVDs to play on it)
Child appropriate CDs
Drawing paper and construction paper
Gift cards for toy stores and children's clothing stores
Baby walker
Large art paper

Funds for our heating bill
Food cards
Funds for our lighting bill (Nstar)
Funds for travel to the doctor, ER, and counseling appointments
Funds to our mortgage company (info upon request)
Funds for operational costs: staff, insurance
Laundry detergent
Toilet paper & paper towels
First aid supplies
Children's Tylenol
Movie gift certificates
Cable-ready TV for children's room
Robes for moms