Who We Are

Domestic violence can occur in families from all walks of life and any economic background, yet those impacted comprise a chronically underserved and vulnerable population.

The Cape Cod Center for Women, Inc. (CCCW) is the only 24-hour, 7-days per week confidential domestic violence shelter serving Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

We believe that all human beings have the right to live lives free of violence and abuse. CCCW is committed to assisting and supporting battered individuals and families in leaving a violent environment and transitioning to independent living, fully connected to a network of community support with a lifelong safety plan.  Our peer-support, self-help empowerment model, which we feel best helps women to make their own choices and decisions regarding the safety and future of their families, has a track record of success.

What distinguishes our shelter from others is the staff’s holistic approach to client care. Our clients receive the support they need to make substantial and long-lasting changes in their lives, from basic clothing and housing to lifelong strategies for safety.  They stay at CCCW long enough to reap the benefits of appropriate counseling and to develop the self-respect, confidence, and support systems that will increase their chances of not returning to their batterer or falling into another unhealthy relationship once they have left the shelter. 

We have witnessed many times over the fact that intense periods of personalized empowerment services help to break the cycle of domestic violence.  Women who stay at the Cape Cod Center for Women learn new behaviors that enable them to leave with the strength and capability to become fully participating members of their communities. 

Shelter Facilities

CCCW’s four-bedroom, three-bathroom house, is ideally set up to accommodate four mothers and their children for weeks to months at a time. The house blends into its middle-class neighborhood. It has a swing set and children’s playthings in a fenced-in yard and a well-kept lawn and garden.  Two kitchens and a laundry room make caring for multiple families under one roof feasible. 

Our approach is to provide a sense of home as a safe place. We seek to reassure the women and children who come to us for care, to support them through their current circumstances, and help them reestablish their dignity and self-worth, so that they are able to live independently and without fear after they leave the shelter.

Our shelter has become known as a sanctuary.  Since it opened its doors in 2000, CCCW has housed more than 500 families.