Cover Your Internet Tracks

WARNING: An abuser may try to track your Internet activities!

Special attention needs to be taken when visiting web sites on the internet. Information you have brought up on the internet (including our web page) may be viewed by anyone who knows how to access your computer's history or cache file.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should turn on private browsing and/or clear your browser's history. This can be done by accessing your internet browser settings.

Please Note:
Clearing web browser histories in this way will delete ALL histories of visited websites. If you are concerned that someone may be checking up on your Internet usage, the absence of all files and history may appear suspicious.  Instead of clearing your history everytime you visit the webpage, you can use the instructions below to turn on private browsing before you visit the webpage.  Additionally, there are other software programs available that can track website visits.

Here is what to do:

Internet Explorer

Private Browsing:
1. Pull down Tools menu, select "InPrivate Browsing"
2. Visit in the new "InPrivate Browsing" window.
Clear History
1. Pull down Tools menu, select "Delete Browsing History"

Mozilla Firefox

Private Browsing:
1. Pull down Tools menu, select "Start Private Browsing"
2. After you are finished looking at our website, pull down Tools menu and select "Stop Private Browsing"
Clear History:
1. Pull down Tools menu, select "Clear Recent History"

Google Chrome

Private Browsing:
1.Click "Ctrl + Shift + N" to open a 'New Incognito Window" OR click on the wrench icon at the top right of the window and select "New Incognito Window"
Clear History:
1. Click the wrench at the top right of the window
2. Click History
3. Click the box to the left of "Cape Cod Center for Women" and click "Remove selected items" to only delete your history of visiting CCCW website.
4. OR click "Clear all browsing data" to delete your entire internet browsing history


1.    Pull down Members menu, select "Preferences."
2.    Click on WWW icon.  
3.    Select "Advanced."
4.    Click "Purge Cache."


1.    Pull down Edit menu.
2.    In the menu that drops down, click on "Preferences."
3.    Click on Navigator and choose "Clear History."
4.    Click on Advanced then select "Cache."
5.    Click on "Clear Disk Cache."


Private Browsing:

From the Safari menu, select Private Browsing. Safari will warn you that none of your history will be stored, searches won't be saved, and so on. Just click OK and you'll be in tv shows private-browsing mode. To turn private browsing off, just select the menu item again.

Note: Some versions of Safari for Mac OS X keep a record of pages you visit in the Directory Services cache -- even when you're in private-browsing mode. Here are some clearly written instructions on clearing that data from your Mac. Also,the only way to prevent data from being stored by plugins is to turn them off by doing the followin: Safari > Preferences > Security and deselecting "Enable plug-ins."

If you believe that someone may be monitoring your Internet activity, try using a friend's computer, or one at the public library -- or call our 24 Hour Hotline at (508) 564-SAFE (7233)/TTY • (800) 745-0003 to avoid leaving a trail of visited Internet websites.